We don’t realize the extent of all the hidden costs of material handling which are being accumulated in various different areas. We can efficiently control these costs and we must know where we should look around for them. A range of machines are shut down due to poor material handling which costs you more money and time. There are many material handling system techniques and designs that we can apply to put up space for better use.

In case of independent movement, placement or lifting of heavy loads — a variety of lift trucks and forklifts can be used. Trucks can be outfitted using forks with pallet-based load picking. Vehicles that are manually powered can be used to move lighter loads with the help of these hand pallet trucks.

Everything you need to know about pallet trucks is here —–

What is a pallet truck?

It is sometimes called as a pallet jack or a pump truck, it is basically a trolley designed which is used for transporting and lifting as well. This equipment is mostly common in stockrooms, warehouses or any other environment where these pallets are suitable. Now you may be wondering about what pallet trucks are suited for? They are usually suited best for short distances. These pallet trucks have their own capacity and weight and should not be loaded more than they can bear. The presence of weight capacity will ensure that it is easily controllable and also runs easily and smoothly.

Pallet trucks are designed for usage with wooden pallets. If you are going to transport a load by means of a pallet truck, first you should place the load on the pallet and you should also ensure that it is secure with a product that is load resistant. Afterwards, you can easily begin to move this pallet into the place which is provided exactly for its purpose.

How much weight you can pull on a pallet jack?

Pallet jacks can be either manual or electric and they can lift an impressive amount of weight. Manual pallet jacks can lift upto 5000 kg in weight and can help you move a heavy load from one place to another. Alternatively, electric pallet jacks can lift slightly less but will take out all of the leg work. They can lift upto 1.5 tonnes which means they are ideal for moving light duty machinery around the warehouse as well.

What are the different types of pallet trucks?

There are many different types of pallet trucks to suit different requirements —– rough pallet trucks that are specially designed to help you transport loads across rough terrain, mini pallet trucks for smaller loads and wide pallet trucks for accommodation of loads of goods that will prove much easier in case of manual effort. A key advantage of these hand pallet trucks is that they can be the most cost effective option you can ever have.

These trucks are easy to operate and no driving license is required. Electric ride on pallet trucks can be an ideal option for transporting a load over a longer distance. These trucks are suited for a broad variety of options and they either come with a foldable platform or a fixed platform. Those who are interested in an electric ride on a truck surely require a driving license to operate. On the other hand, compact pallet trucks can mainly function effectively in confined and congested spaces.

Why pallet truck is suited for your business?

Before you decide on the right type of pallet truck for your business, it will be important for you to know the load carrier or weight that you are willing to transport. Another important thing to keep in your mind is to consider the length of the load, as these pallet trucks come with different lengths and widths. Pallet trucks make it easier to transport loads around your premises eliminating various risks that mainly come with lifting heavy loads.

If you are searching for a pallet truck for your needs, please stay in touch with us and we will be happy enough to help you with the best option suited for your business!


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