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Calibration Weights

Measurement and calibration play a critical role in our industries, helping us woo profits while making calculated expenditures. Measurement is a crucial task for chemical processes as well as to render products that are then employed for human usage. But due to weather and tear and the varying environmental conditions, often weights suffer derangement. To not reflect poorly on our calculations, one needs to perform timely calibration of these measurement instruments that we employ on a daily scale.

Calibration weights that are themselves maintained in sophisticated conditions perform the task. Accurate Meezan performs this calibration service by delivering three types of Calibration Weight units: cast iron, alloy steel, and stainless steel calibration weights. While the former two are available in M1, M2, and M3 classes, stainless steel configuration is available in F1, F2 & M1 classes. Notably, these critical calibration weights are designed as per the International Recommendation OIML R111.