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Total Commitment for Customer Satisfaction

If a customer repeats his order and recommends our product to others and also goes a step further to suggest improvements in product and/or services, we can assume that we have a satisfied customer. Total commitment for customer satisfaction can be demonstrated by:

Improving reliability of supplies

Responding to demand for new products

Providing follow-up services

Billing accurately

Rendering extra services and advice for improving customers' productivity and profit.

Quality excellence

An excellent quality product supplied at competitive price.



A humble start which initiated with the importing of weighing scales, has flourished, with time-tested practices to a fully-fledged, well-equipped, ever-growing organisation. The legacy which we have carried since our inception makes us, one of the most reliable organisation amongst all business sectors. The finest quality products developed by us along with the applaudable services rendered, on time make us one of the most distinctive organisations of our times.

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Today, we offer solutions for any kind of Weighing application – be it Simple Weighing, Counting of Parts, Bulk Weighing, Dynamic Weighing, Weighing your new born baby or Weighing a 120 ton fully loaded truck, and Calibration Services to international standards If its weighing EAGLE is your one stop partner. We have an unparalleled weighing range from 0.01 mg to 120 tons for use in varied applications in the fields of Quality Control, Production, Logistics, Retail etc.

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In the world of industry, the latest developments have focused mainly on enhancing the performance of the equipment, and making it easier to use by making it more intuitive. Our continuous development in weighing has significantly contributed in the growth of profits of many organisation – by reducing the errors in their weighments, speeding up weighing operations, long ROI periods and most importantly by reducing downtime thereby eliminating need for expenditure on costly repairs.