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Hanging Crane Scales


  • The Hanging Crane Scales are ideal for versatile applications from weighing heavy objects and bulky loads. It shows the reading according to the amount of pressure on the loads.
  • Hanging crane scales weigh the loads with a hook and can also be used for weighing small objects. The scale itself can be held by hand for lighter items or hung with a mechanized crane by using chains or lifting straps to support the load while checking the weight.
  • In industries, the weight is mostly checked using a mechanized crane which makes the contact with operators less avoiding accidents and injury at the workplace.
  • Whileas, Crane Scales are mostly used for weighing heavy items and are widely used for industrial and commercial applications.
  • The Hanging Crane scales from Accurate Meezan are compact, easy to use, and accurate. Its compactness allows it to be carried and stored anywhere without needing much space.
  • These scales from AccurateMeezan come with a bright LED display which allows the user to read the weighing data without any complexity.
  • The hanging crane scales are best to weigh objects of irregular shapes and sizes.
  • Besides, these scales from Accurate Meezan come with various other features like dust proof, auto-off, power down to save battery, and built-in battery backup for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What are crane scales?
A Crane scale is a type of scale that is used to weigh heavier items and is usually hung to a mechanized crane for support and to evaluate the pressure/load on the scale. 

2) How accurate are crane scales?
Crane scales from AccurateMeezan are calibrated fully and avoid any deviation in the readings shown on the display.

3) How does a crane scale work?
Using a crane scale is simple, the process starts by hanging the object to be weighed to a crane scale which is itself suspended to a mechanized crane to support the load while checking the weight.

4) Do we get a warranty on these crane scales?
Yes, you do get a warranty on these high-quality Crane Scales. For more information, contact AccurateMeezan.

5) Does AccurateMeezan provide Crane scales in UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Kuwait?
Yes, Accurate Meezan supplies and distributes the Crane Scales in UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, and across the Middle East at the best rates.