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Stacker Series - Full Electric Stacker

  • Floating frame structure with advanced mounting type, larger area of thrust surface on piston rod, superior resistance to deformation, bending and abrasion, unable to loose and falling out.
  • Cold-drown channel steel mast, detachable design, higher accuracy and better hardness, bright and clean.
  • Adjustable bended and forged fork.
  • Better vision for operator with innovative design on relocating the third stage mast roller.
  • Special design on cylinder, auto-buffering to piston rods while falling.Better protect to pallet load.
  • Size reduced cover plate, more senseof design, easier maintenance.
  • Full steel cover protect from scrapes,reinforced safe assurance to core parts.
  • Laser cut all frame parts, high accuracy, neat and clean.
  • Side slidable battery box designed for saving your precious time.



Sr No Model Capacity Lifting Height
01 PSE12B 1200 Kg 3600 mm
02 PSE12B - SL 1200 Kg 3600 mm
03 PS16N55 1600 kg 5500 mm