Hand Stacker Series In Dubai , UAE

Stacker Series - Hand Stacker Series

  • C- type steel is used on the mast, which ensures higher strength. Especially for double mast series, it is more stable when lifting.
  • All series trucks are equipped with stretched safety grid, the grid and mounting screws are integrated, it is not easy to fall and keeps safer and more convenient.
  • Widened rear wheel frame can better protect the operator from being injured.
  • Adjustable fork is opted.
  • Standard Eagle handle with even more scientific ergonomic design, improves the comfortableness and reduces the fatigue.
  • Open bottom pallets only.

  • Range

    Sr No



    Lifting Height



    EHS 2016

    2000 kg

    1600 mm

    2040 x 780 x 1470 mm


    EHS 2030

    2000 kg

    3000 mm

    2150 x 785 x 1470 mm

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