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Accurate Meezan has many years of experience in providing services of Analytical Balances in Dubai & across UAE offering unmatched & quality performanceAccurate Meezan is a premier supplier of Analytical Balance Scales known for the quality, reliability & accuracy of its products.

Analytical balances help measure small masses at great precision; hence they find use in quantitative chemical analysis. Analytical balances are extremely sensitive and measure up to four decimal places. Because of their sensitivity, it is advisable to take readings in a disturbance-free zone. Additionally, analytical balances need to be calibrated continuously to obtain accurate results.

Accurate Meezan manufactures these handy analytical balances. With years of experience in providing services of Analytical Balances in Dubai & across the UAE, Accurate Meezan has been delivering quality, reliability & accuracy in terms of its products.

Standard features of our analytical balances are:

  1. Vivid, backlit LCD that promotes visibility in any lighting conditions.

  2. Colour-coded keys that facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons.

  3. Level indicator and adjusting feet that ensure proper balance setup for optimum weighing results.

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