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Industrial Scales

The industrial scales are used for transport, loading dock, trucking and other logistical, warehouse, inventory, supply chain and laboratory applications. An ISO-certified laboratory industrial scales. Accurate Meezan offers an ISO certificate as an accessory for almost all industrial scales products. Depending on which model of industrial scales you choose, the industrial scale might have a USB port or RS232 interface. This allows the weighing data from the industrial scale to be transferred to a computer to perform detailed analysis and documentation.

Different industrial scales have different accuracy levels and weighing ranges. Consider the weight of the object you are measuring and ensure that the scale has an adequate weighing capacity. Different industrial scales may have different functions, such as part counting, full-range tare and zero capabilities. A warehouse might need an industrial scale that can not only weigh boxes but also count parts in order to keep track of its product inventory. You should consider the specific requirements of your application to determine if the industrial scale needs additional functionality.