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Waterproof Digital Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales refer to the waterproof and dirtproof weighing scales that find applications in mud, water, dust, and other rugged conditions. They are best suited for such conditions as they can resist water, liquids, and particles from entering the inside the scale. Accurate Meezan manufactures these waterproof bathroom scales known for their reliability, durability & accuracy.

Accurate Meezan's digital bathroom scale transforms weight control into an enjoyable experience. We also sell scales with a glass surface and personal bathroom scales that have a mechanical or plastic surface. All models feature state-of-the-art technology and can be used as an aesthetic addition in the bathroom. With our reliable scales, you can track your weight.

Accurate Meezan bathroom weighing scales with Signature Line design will add a splash of color to your bathroom. Because of its large display and width, the minimalist scale is both beautiful and very unique.

These waterproof weighing scale products range from simple weighing solutions to washdown platform scales. Standard features of these:

1. SUS 304 Stainless Steel Structure.
2. Low Battery indication.
3. Auto sleep mode Function available.
4. Built-In Battery Backup 48 hours operation.
5. Smooth Plate.
6. Stainless Steel Junction Box.
7. Colour-coded and sealed keypad.
8. Simple, user-friendly operation.
9. Zero Tracking.
10. Anti-slip adjustable levelling feet.
11. Environmentally protected load cell – IP68.
12. Stainless steel load cell.
13. Height of platform less than 50 mm.
14.Full stainless steel construction.