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This DG series drum grab can carry one or two drums by the automatic grip lock, maintains a positive grip over rough floor surface. It is designed to cooperate with forklift conveniently. DG360C is for 1 drum,  DG720C is for 2 drums. With the pure mechanical mechanism, it can automatically carry one barrel at a time, relying only on the action of forklift, and no other power is needed. This model can handle many different types of drums, such as steel oil drums and plastic oil drums. Automatic mechanical operation saves time and effort. Besides it is connected with the cargo fork with self-locking device to ensure that the oil drum will not slip when used on slope and bumpy road.


  • Pure mechanical mechanism
  • Cooperate with forklift conveniently
  • Handle more types of drums, including steel oil drums and plastic oil drums
  • Fully automatic mechanical operation adapt to different specifications of the barrel.
  • Loading and unloading of barrel materials in such a narrow environment as containers can greatly improve the utilization of space
  • Each barrel has the automatic adjustment "eagle mouth" clamping claw mechanism to clamp