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Crane Scales - EHS – WRL Series

  • 25 mm LCD display with backlight
  • Built-In Battery Backup 48 hours operation
  • Low battery indication
  • Date and time setting
  • Stabilization indication
  • Accumulation function available
  • Color coded and sealed keypad
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • Portable to carry and install
  • Zero Tracking
  • Rigid Aluminum die cast housing IP65 protected
  • Sealed high precision S type load cell
  • Latch hook for weighing and snap hook for lifting
  • Remote ON / OFF Of Weighing Hook.
  • With In Built Thermal Printer (50mm Paper Width).
  • Ac adaptor

EHS-WRL digital wireless crane scale is composed of two parts, a scale and a force indicator. The scale uses a patented high precision resistant-strain transducer and employs a reliable force transfer structure. Combined with the multi-function intelligent indicator, the weighing system is very capable for application in specified range of weighing operation.

Internal Resolution  20,00,000 
AC Power supply  100~250V 
DC Power supply 4V 
Frequency 50~60HZ 
Power Consumption  10 Watts Approx 
Operating temperature  0°C to 40°C 
Operating humidity  95% RH Max. (Non-condensing) 
Sr No Model Capacity Readability Platform Size
1 EHS 5 T WRL 5000 kg 1 kg N.A
2 EHS 10 T WRL 10000 kg 5 kg N.A