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FE4P Q series is a light-duty r-wheel-drive counterbalanced electric forklift with three-wheels. Based on ergonomics, the design of the forklift adopts the international concept of fashion and technology. With compact size and excellent operating flexibility and comfort, easy maintenance and operation, and high reliability, it is the ideal choice for various applications.

A narrow aisle forklift is a type of forklift for moving materials in very tight spaces.

The most obvious advantage of using a narrow aisle layout and a narrow aisle forklift is that it increases the storage capacity of your current warehouse without increasing the amount of floor space you have. It does this by expanding your storage space upwards and by reducing the width of the aisles, allowing you to have more storage rows in your warehouse. You can store more per square foot and utilize your warehouse space in the most optimized manner without spending money on additional and expensive warehouse space.

Narrow aisle forklifts are more efficient than their counterparts because they allow you to move more product in less time. With wider aisles, forklifts must travel further distances in order to pick up and drop off products. This additional travel time can add up and lead to decreased productivity levels. Narrowing the aisles can help reduce travel time and increase efficiency in your warehouse operation.


Series N Series
Load Capacity Q(lbs) 4000.00
Load Center C(in) 19.7
Operator type Seated
Tire Type Pneumatic
Total Approximate Weight (Without battery) (lbs) 6360.00
Li-ion Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity: V/Ah “48/200 (48/300,48/400)”