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• Wrap-around labeling is indispensable for vial labeling, pharmaceutical labeling, tablet tubes, inhalers, labeling of cosmetics, labeling household goods in various formats,confectionery and food labeling from jam in jars to cereals in cans, as well as for cartridges, labeling chemical products and much more.

• A large area of application is bottle labeling, which are usually labeled wrap-around in high quantities in rotary machines.

Precise dispensing: Even with relatively long labels, there must be no spiral misalignment. The label must fit perfectly - without offset! Performance-oriented systems: With many high-volume consumer products or small-format products, high throughput and high speed must be possible. Interesting additional options must be available: Aligned labeling is often required, for example, to optically match the fit of a wrap-around label to an additional lid label. Label handling of different formats and product sizes must proceed smoothly and without major effort for changeovers. Printing of variable data such as batch no. and best-before date must be possible.