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Simple Weighing (Table Top) - ECON Table Top Series

  • 20 mm bright Green LED Display
  • Counting Function
  • Accumulation Function
  • Liter Conversion Function
  • Auto Tare Function
  • Peak Hold Function
  • 4 Overload Protectors
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Overload Indication
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • The ECON series models are high performance and economic digital Weighing Scales that we confidently recommend based on over 97 years of Weighing Scale manufacturer. While these models are of course capable of fast and accurate weighing, the ECON Series models all use the High Precision Load Cells and highly reliable electronic boards that EAGLE started using for Digital Weighing Scale in 1976, and the ECON Series models use our unique, newly developed and robust product range, improving the reliability of the scales still further.

    The new ECON series Scales also feature operation keys for four directions, improving convenience and making the scales easier to use. ECON Series Scales have Counting Function, Liter Conversion, Password Protected unit conversion, Weight Accumulation Function up to 999999, selectable display speed, Auto Tare, Peak Hold, Auto Sleep, Zero Locking counts and Stable time setting. These Scales also feature a variety of other functions that make it more convenient for customers to use them for their own applications, including the PC communication function, which enables measuring results to be transferred to a PC without installing any software. 

    Model ECON - 6ECON - 15ECON - 30
    Capacity6 kg x 0.5 g15 kg x 1 g30 kg x 2 g
    Platform Size310 mm x 215 mm310 mm x 215 mm310 mm x 215 mm
    Sr No Model Capacity Readability Pan Size
    1 ECON - 6 6 kg 0.5 g 310 mm x 215 mm
    2 ECON - 15 15 kg 1 g 310 mm x 215 mm
    3 ECON - 30 30 kg 2 g 310 mm x 215 mm

    Bluetooth Connectivity Option Available.