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Truck Weigh Bridge - EWB Series

  • Pit Type / Pitless Type / Portable Weigh Bridge
  • Strong, Safe, More Cost Effective
  • Proven Performance
  • Strength By Design
  • Easy Bolt Down Installation
  • Outside Protection
  • Material Of Construction: Mild Steel
  • Specially Designed All Steel Modular Construction.

We are the prominent suppliers & manufacturers of truck scales, weighbridges in Dubai & across the UAE. Investment in a Weighbridge is a costly affair, so why compromise on quality when you are getting the best at the same rates. So, if you are still researching about the brand then Eagle from Accurate Meezan is your best bet. The performance, strength, reliability, flexibility & economic ownership that Eagle weighbridge offers is unmatched.

A truck scale or weighbridge, or railroad scale, is a large set of scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation used to weigh an entire rail or road vehicles and its contents. In this way, by weighing the vehicle both empty and loaded, the vehicle's load can be calculated. The nature of their work demands immense strength and accuracy as it removes the need for a full-time operator to supervise the truck's weighing. Accurate Meezan manufactures electronic weighbridge scales in Dubai & across UAE that are laden with strength, safety and reliance. Built of mild steel, these truck weighbridges from Accurate Meezan come with an easy bolt down Installation. Other characteristic features of our truck scales are:

  • Pit Type/Pitless Type/Portable Weighbridge.
  • Strong, Safe, More Cost-Effective..
  • Proven Performance.
  • Strength By Design.
  • Outside Protection.
  • Specially Designed All Steel Modular Construction.
Sr No Model Capacity Resolution
1 EWB – 6 x 3 30 ton x 5 kg 6 mtr x 3 mtr
2 EWB – 12 x 3 60 ton x 10 kg 12 mtr x 3 mtr
3 EWB – 18 x 3 80 / 100 ton x 20 kg 18 mtr x 3 mtr