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Energy Efficient Product

High Speed Lifting and lowering control improves work efficiency.

It adopts AC drive motor, hydraulic pump motor and steering motor, with long service life, maintenance free and reliable performance.

Regenerative braking to achieve energy recovery and extend battery life.

All lights use LED, durable and energy- saving.

Safe and reliable:

  • The tilting of the fork can effectively improve the stability of the whole vehicle and the loading capacity at height.
  •  The electro-hydraulic proportional control system has good fretting performance, more stable work and more precise control.
  •  Speed limit function, when the forklift lifts to a certain height, the driving speed of the forklift will automatically decrease to ensure the safety of high position operation.
  •  The height limit function, the lifting motor will automatically power off to ensure the safety of lifting when the forks lift to the maximum height.
  •  The motor temperature detection and control can effectively prevent the motor from being damaged due to excessive temperature.
  •  The motor current detection and control can effectively prevent the motor from being damaged due to excessive current.
  •  The combination of electromagnetic brake and hydraulic brake has a short braking distance, no deviation, no impact, and is safe and reliable.
  •  The parking electromagnetic brake can realize the one-key start operation function no matter it is on the slope or on the smooth ground.
  •  Using CAN bus communication technology, electrical wiring is simple, the compatibility is good, and the reliability is high.
  •  AC frequency conversion speed control technology enables stepless closed-loop speed control of driving, lifting, and steering drives, which is accurate and reliable.
Sr No Model Capacity Maximum Lifting Height
01 RT16P 1600 Kg 9500 mm
02 RT20P 2000 Kg 9500 mm