Humanity weighed things using stones during pre-historic times and slowly evolved to using modern-day weighing scales. Today, almost every industry needs ultra-modern and highly accurate weighing machines. While we have been using them for quite a long time now, there is still some confusion that new buyers face while dealing with electronic weighing machines.

With that in view, we have compiled a list of top 5 frequently asked questions about weighing scales. Although there are number of questions asked about weighing machines, these were the most common ones. Read on to find out.

Question #1:  How often should a weighing scale be calibrated?

Answer: It depends on the type of weighing scale, but it is preferred to calibrate the weighing scale every month. You can even extend the calibration period by every quarter.

Moreover, calibration frequency depends on the applications. Some applications need calibration after every 15 days. To get a precise idea, read the instruction manual that comes with the weighing machine.

Question #2: How can I select the right weighing machine?

Answer: When selecting a weighing machine keep range, readability and your requirements in mind.

Range: Figure out the minimum and maximum required capacity for your applications. Remember what range of weights you need to weigh.

Readability: Find how many decimal places you need to measure. If you have to report the measurements then check for the number of decimal places you need to report.

Requirements: Check if you have any special requirements in terms of applications or methods.

Question #3: I need troubleshooting help, who can I contact?

Answer: It is always better to contact the manufacturer in case you need any help with troubleshooting. Do not seek help from unauthorized dealers when you just aren’t sure.

If you happen to have a troubleshooting manual, make sure you go through it thoroughly before contacting the manufacturer.

Question #4: What is the difference between readability and accuracy?

Answer: Some people think that it is one and the same thing but they are altogether two different things. The readability of the weighing machine is the smallest quantity it displays, while accuracy is the maximum difference between the applied test weight and the actual weight.

You can find both listed in the instruction manual or the specification sheet that comes along with it.

Question #5: What kind of electronic weighing scales are available in the market?

Answer: There are numerous kinds of electronic weighing machines available in the market, each one suited to a particular application, method or industry.

Besides, there are weighing machines available for industrial, small-scale usage and many other purposes.

We hope you found an answer to your question and if you didn’t, feel free to let us know anytime. Accurate Meezan is the leading weighing solutions provider in Dubai. Accurate Meezan provides weighing solutions to all industries and factories across UAE. For any further consultation, contact Accurate Meezan now.


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