Have you set your fitness goals for 2020? Do you want to track your progress more accurately? Are you keeping a count on every calorie you burn? Firstly, congratulations on discovering the right way to pamper your body. While a person is on the fitness spree, especially during a weight loss journey, it becomes utterly important to track every minuscule stepping stone to success. It gives a motivation to work harder and somehow if you don’t get the expected results, it helps in finding the black sheep that are stopping you.

So, it becomes imperative to use fitness tracking and body fat scales to monitor your journey from a much closer view. We are here with some tips that will make your fitness process easier.

Why am I not losing weight?

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One of the biggest reasons for not getting into shape despite hardcore exercise and crash diets is that you are concentrating merely on your body weight. You may have seen millions of Ads that promote “weight loss”, but what no expert will tell you is that the initial kilos that you lose during your fitness journey are just the water weight. Your regular weighing scale will manage to make you happy but what about the fat loss? 

You are fit only when your body has a proportionate non-fat and fat mass. So, when you use a weight scale, you cover all the factors like muscle mass and fat mass rather than focusing on just the numbers.

How do Body fat scales work?

We offer convenient and most accurate body fat percentage calculator scales. All you have to do is step on the tool. The sensors beneath your feet will calculate the entire body fat percentage. The science behind it is that an electric wave passes through your body and calculates the resistance of the body fat. The greater the body resistance, the higher the fat percentage in the body. 

What’s Body Fat Percentage Calculator?

Body fat percentage is the total percentage of fat in your body. It is inclusive of all the fat in your body. And men tend to have less fat percentage than women. It is calculated by dividing the fat mass of the body by total body mass and then multiplying it by 100. For those of you who are not that good at mathematics, all these calculations may seem confusing. But don’t worry, you can use our body fat percentage scale for the job.

Below is how scales calculate your Body Fat Percentage:

Classification Men ( Fat %)Women ( Fat %)
Fitness 14-17%21-24%
Essential Fat2-4% 10-12%
Average 18-25%25-31%
Athletes 6-13%14-20%
Obese 25% +32% +

Are body fat scales accurate? 

Body fat scales provide the most accurate data. They are safe to use and remarkably handy. However, your result can vary due to the following factors:

  • Your gender.
  • The fat deposits in your body.
  • Your age.
  • Height and stature.

Top Tips When Using Body Fat Scales

1.Track your progress.

One of the basic things to remember is that your journey is very personal. You don’t have to compare yourself with other people’s body fat percentage. Your optimal body fat depends upon the structure, height, and stature so, comparing it with others will not be of any use.

2. Choose your type:

The type of body fat scale that you use has to match with your persona. You cannot have the settings for an athlete if you barely exercise. Such small things make a huge difference.

3.Comparable tests.

If you want to track your fitness, then you must create the same scenarios all the time. For instance, you should drink the same amount of water every time before testing yourself.

4.Time Matters.

It is important to take the test at the same time for accurate results.

5. Temperature counts.

Your body temperature may vary the result as it has a co-relation with the electric current being used. So, make sure to create the same temperature for tests.

6.Not after a workout.

Your body loses water after exercising, so, do not go for the tests immediately after a workout.

7. Cleanliness is important.

Make sure you clean the footpads right after each test.

Calculating body fat percentage is not a difficult task. Just bring home our body fat scale and track your progress!

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