Ever since the concept of business came into being, the transaction has been an important part of it. It should rather be put like any business is incomplete without the transaction part in it let that be of any form. At first, it used to be kind for kind, i.e you give someone rice and he’ll give you milk.  But soon after the currency was introduced, this practice faded away. People started buying things in exchange for money.

The most important part of the whole process used to be the counting part. And, as a matter of fact, that used to be an activity where one needed to be witty, vigilant and wise. That’s why this exercise was given to the wiser and wittier of the lot. Time passed by and technologies came into being. Cash transactions increased and it was felt that the world needs a machine that can count notes hence saving time and efforts of the people and that’s how the cash counting machines came into existence.

Cash Counting Machine Dubai

Now that when we are surrounded by so many options and technologies, one gets confused about which one to choose and which one to let go of. The same goes for the person who makes his mind to get a money counting machine for his business. I mean there are so many different types and designs available out there in the market that one gets confused.

It’s still fine for the people having some prior knowledge but what about a newcomer? How should the person choose the right money counting machine? What should be the parameters and where should he go? I am making it easy for them to select the best one by enlisting five major things that one should check, compare and decide before selecting one.

1. Counting Speed and Accuracy:

One of the reasons for getting a cash counting machine for your business is that you want to save your time so that you can utilize that into something productive. Hence, it is necessary to compare the counting speeds of the options that you might have. And, when I say the speed you should see if the accuracy is maintained while being fast. If you find it accurate while being fast, just go for it.

With an automatic currency counting machine, you’ll be free from all the unwanted pressure. The automatic cash counting machine can provide accurate and real-time counting for any amount of banknotes in any currency. So whether you need to count 50 Dirham or 500,000 Dirham, it doesn’t matter – our machines are up to the task. It also helps you detect counterfeit bills without needing a second device.

2. Batching feature:

Many machines come with a feature that lets you take out the desired number of notes before it starts counting again. This feature is beneficial when you want to take out a definite number of notes from a bundle. Say for example you want to take out one hundred and fifty notes from a bundle of two hundred and twenty notes, the machine will automatically pause at one hundred and fifty so that you remove that number of notes. This is a very important feature, do look for it before purchasing one.

3. Error Detection Feature:

If you are running a business with frequent and heavy transactions, this feature is something you should not miss out on. There is no fun in having a machine at your unit if it counts poorly. This can happen due to multiple reasons like the notes being folded or torn. The machines with the error detection feature help you detect these notes and remove them on time to not cause any false calculations in the total count.

To detect counterfeit currency, a cash counting machine requires both good quality lighting and a high-quality image of the banknote or coin to be tested. With these two pieces of information, the machine can then conduct an analysis of the image and determine if it is counterfeit or not. An automatic currency counter is designed to count stacks of banknotes at speeds up to 1,000 notes per minute for low-denomination currencies such as the UAE Dirham. For higher denominations such as Euros and Pounds Sterling, rates reach 750 notes per minute

4. Check if mixed bills can be handled:

It often happens that you count bills of different denominations together and if your machine isn’t equipped with the feature that can count them together, it’ll take you a lot of time to manually separate the bills before you can count them hence making it time-consuming and tiresome. Always check if your machine can handle mixed bills so that it doesn’t trouble you in the future.

5. Hopper type and size:

Look for the perfect type and size of the hopper suitable for your business and transaction frequency and volume. Hopper is the slot in a cash counting machine where you place the currency to get it counted. If you have a business with heavy cash flow and you get a machine with a smaller hopper size, it will take you many rounds to count the cash in comparison to getting one with a bigger hopper that can count a higher number of notes at once hence saving your efforts.

While you take care of all the above listed things, make sure that you select a company or brand that has a good market reputation with regards to the durability and service. For that, you can refer to the reviews of people who have been using the same for quite some time. You can find those reviews on almost all the shopping websites. Having an easy and convenient service for any product is a must. Don’t get carried away by the fancy terminology. Understand your requirement well and accordingly choose your cash counting machine. If you aren’t able to decide what suits your business more, do not hurry. Take your time and research well about different products and how they can be of utmost benefit to your business. 


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