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Pallet Truck Series - PT20 / 25L ELECTRIC PALLET TRUCKS

The PT 20-25L- series is designed for industrial applications such as truck loading and unloading as well as for pallet transportation on short distances and warehousing applications.

The robust apron of 8mm- thickness as well the strong chassis with its wet cell battery and the high quality components from partnered companies reduce high service costs and give you the reliability and performance  needed In this most demanding harsh loading and unloading operations.

  • Industrial Level Electric Pallet Truck PT 20- 25L with capacities of  2000kg to 2500kg

  • The PT 20-25L series is our robust and professional pallet truck with powerful drive motor and travelling speed up to 6.0km/h.

Sr No Model Capacity
01 PT20 / 25L 2000 / 2500 Kg