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Pallet Truck Series - PT20 / 25N POWERED PALLET TRUCK

  • Electric Pallet Truck PT 20N / PT 25N with capacities of 2000kg or 2500kg


  • The PT 20N/25N is the first choice where palletised goods needs to be transported over longer distances with speeds up to 8.0 km/h.


  • Flip- Down- Ride-On-Plattform with protective arms


The PT 20N / 25N- Series are designed for horizontal transportation over longer distances. With its travelling speed up to 8.0km/h, this series accelerates your processes up to 30% in travelling.

Optionally equipped with Electric Power Steering (EPS) operating these trucks becomes more ergonomic and safe. The suspension flip down-platform reduces body vibrations and the sideways protective arms give stability and they protect the operator in curves.
Brand components such as ZF-Gearbox, Schabmüller- Drivemotor, Zapi-controller and our Noblelift-REMA-tiller give the robustness and reliability which is needed in these professional applications.

In walking operation mode, the platform and the arms are space-saving placed within the trucks contour.

Sideways battery- extraction or longer forks such as 2400mm are optional available.

Sr No Model Capacity
01 PT20N 2000 Kg
02 PT25N 2500 Kg